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screenshots of website s+G logo

logo and webdesign for photographer's duo S+G

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the cover of the publication a spread from the publication

publicatie about information•design

This publication is about the wide field of information design. The explanation of industry jargon words are written in the margin.

event cover image Fooly West intro graphic of music video of Come Undone a Wooly font test with lyrics of song

graphic work and font for the music band Wooly Mammoths

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first image glitch cover art glitch cover art

promo material for funkydelic

Promotional material for the legendary Funkydelic parties. Typographic poster depicting a turntable with animation for online use.

the front of the record sleeve close-up of the record sleeve the back of the record sleeve screen printing process screen printing process
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cover art for waltz for debby

A record sleeve for Bill Evans’s Waltz for Debby, screen printed. The steps on the cover follow the pattern of a waltz. The amount of steps is estimated by the duration an beats per minute of the song 'Waltz for Debby'.

a screenshot of the website for desktop a screenshot of the website for mobile

interactive tree diagram for rekto:verso - onze tijd

Click through the questions and find the book about our time that suits you best.
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screencapture of website screenshots of website

webdesign for poney club music, mixtape volume 1.

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